How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

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The Coronavirus pandemic made a lot of changes to multiple companies and the way they were functioning, and with these changes came a lot of uncertainty about the future. There were a lot of companies who were not meeting their deadlines and target, which automatically meant letting go of a lot of their staff or shutting down some of their branches. With so much uncertainty, people were not sure how they were going to get by, while banks and other financial institutions were not open to providing the loans with ease.

As there was uncertainty about payments, banks did not want to give out mortgages, even if they were for valid reasons with the right security. We are a company that works on providing healthcare workers with mortgages. We usually work with multiple mortgage agencies to get the people that we are working with the best deal possible, and one of the most significant challenges is not meeting clients face to face. Additionally, always working from home meant that we have very little personal interaction with one another, which brings with it a lot of challenges.

While we were previously meeting clients and financial agencies in person, when coordinating any deals, we had to put the brakes on in-person meetings. With the pandemic, we were no longer meeting people but instead coordinating over zoom meetings and telephone interviews. Additionally, we were not moving out as much and preferred coordinating as much as we could through our home office, which is quite convenient. However, we are finding the lack of opportunity to meet people quite challenging. It prevents us from understanding their exact requirements or talking to them and providing them with a better perspective. Additionally, gathering paperwork or remotely signing documents is quite challenging as well.

If the right rules and regulations are maintained, we are open to meeting people when working remotely. We expect all our clients to follow the guidelines laid down by the Government to keep themselves and others around them safe. We make sure everyone involved follows all the rules, so everyone is comfortable within the setting. As much as possible, we no longer go to the office and work from home.

As we spend most of our time working from home, we merged our personal and our work life. Currently, we find ourselves taking calls all day to accommodate people working during the day, unable to talk during business hours.

When it comes to content we are passing around, we always use secure email and websites for applications. One of the parts of the job that we do not compromise on is making sure the information we receive and send is secure.

When it comes to meeting people in person, I have personally seen very few clients, and I wear my mask during most meetings. However, we did have a client without the ability to scan documents, so I picked them up and got them signed.

We are open to taking part in virtual public events and business expos. Additionally, we handle a lot of Zoom calls when we have to get in touch with clients. Working pre-pandemic was much more pleasurable as we did enjoy meeting people, rather than sitting in front of a computer all day long.

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