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  • Home Purchase And Pre-Approval

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    In your search for a new house, getting pre-approval for a mortgage can be an important step to take. After many years of experience, Mortgages For Health Care Workers is very well aware of the difficulties you may face in the mortgage process and wants to help you get the financing you need for your dream home. Consulting with a mortgage specialist and obtaining a pre-approval letter from a lender gives you the opportunity to discuss various financing options, mortgage products, and can help you with budgeting. This step is able to help you confirm your total house budget and the monthly payment you can afford. Before pre-approval comes prequalification, with it, you are asked to provide an overview of your finances, income, and debt to a mortgage lender. However, the lender doesn’t verify the financial information you have provided. Thus, a prequalification is a great starting point to determine your budget but carries no weight when you make offers.